Meet Sara

Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to check out my site. I am a Persian born American raised beauty stylist and new mommy living in Los Angeles. When my blowdryer is off and there isn't a makeup brush in my hand then Im getting out there with my baby girl, Soleil, to explore everything I possibly can. Living in Los Angeles offers a lot to see and so much to do. Im married to a creative soul as well, you've seen his work but don't know his name. He's working crazy hours in Hollywood while I pretend to be Martha Stewart at home. I have a love for the odd and old, anything historical or macabre and my ears start tingling with excitement. We have a bi-cultural union of Persian and American so I get the best of both worlds. We are always combining and learning from each others heritage and enjoying the foods and celebrations that come with our cultures.

Im a California girl since I was a toddler but my husband is an east coast native so we have a lot of picture sharing and storytelling between families. Im hoping this site will also be something my extended family can browse around on whenever they choose to when we arent texting or calling. So aside from some personal family posts there will be a lot of beauty and travel posts as well. We love to travel and we take the opportunity to do so whenever we can.

Enjoy browsing around!


  1. This is a amazing photo Sara. Please post as much as you can because I love.your blog.

  2. A good movie is incomplete widout Character " A face is incomplete widout makeup artist" ..

  3. Love how personal and straightforward your approach is. Your bio is sweet and to the point without trying to sell yourself. Love when you post, post more please