Next Generation

These two adorable souls are the angels that made my best friend Tiffany and I mothers. Everything about these angels makes my heart skip a beat. Clearly as you can tell they love chips. When one would drop a chip the other would pick it up and eat it. When my daughter Soleil would ask for a chip she would also ask for one for Logan. I just love them to pieces and ALL their sweet pieces. Both of them are going to be older siblings. Logan will welcome his little brother at the beginning of July and Soleil will welcome her little sister mid September. Life has changed in so many beautiful and blessed ways and going through this experience with my best friend since childhood is beyond magical. We chat every day through texts and phone calls and are trying to move closer to each other. It would be ideal to raise our children close to each other. Life is sweet and its sweeter with strong girlfriends that have been there through thick and thin. Time exposes a lot and it teaches us a lot. Good, bad, sweet, bitter and everything else in between. It makes our relationships with friends and family stronger and deeper and more appreciative.

Today, as I sit and type away on my keyboard I have such a deep gratification for my life and everyone in it. I thank God for this journey and every blessing I experience. With each pregnancy our hearts enlarge more, our viewpoint expands more and things become so much clearer and picturesque.

When I was in junior high school I dedicated a song to Tiffany, and every time I  hear it it takes me back to my childhood. Forever grateful for this life....


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Ya'll are amazing mothers, keep it up. These days are the sweetest days of your lives. It all goes by too fast

  2. Happy Ramadan do you practice? I like reading your article. I don't have a website because of work but I read a lot of blogs and I enjoy your topics. I get bored easily with some articles I read on other sites but yours is good. Inshallah, your delivery will be easy and everyone in good health. Are you due this month?