Emergency Preperations

California is overdue for another big earthquake and none of us know when the big one will hit. When it does hit our lives return to a primitive state and being prepared is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our families. Its no surprise that I am petrified of earthquakes. The sound alone freezes me and shakes my core. We have zero control over when the earthquake will hit, how hard it will hit and how many aftershocks will soon follow. What we do have control over is making sure we have our basic and bartering items to make it through at least 72 hours.

Since becoming a mother and having another one on the way my maternal need to protect and gather as much as I can has tripled. The last thing I would want to face is not being prepared when a natural disaster hits. Recently I updated the emergency pack I had. It was outdated and needed to be larger since our family is growing. I love Amazon, I find such a convenience with that site and look to do a lot of my household shopping on there. I found a great 4 person emergency kit filled with  some really good starters. On the site you can find more items like water purifiers and tablets to add to your kits.Youd be surprised what uses you can find on there as well as Pinterest.

Here are some of the items I added to the Emergency Kit I purchased from Amazon, I hope my readers will find some of these items useful and add them you your own kits

Toilet paper (I removed the cardboard roll from the center so i can easilt place them in a large ziplock bag

2 extra rescue blankets in addition to the 4 that come with the kit
Tampons and sanitary pads, these serve a variety of survival uses. Pads can be used as heavy binding if God forbid there is a deep cut

Scotch tape or duct tape to seal anything, pen or marker to leave notes to family members that may come by your house if you leave

Aquatabs water purification tablets 100/pack

Lighters and matches

Lotion, deodorant, floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbands, soap

batteries and candles,

superglue, remember superglue can seal cuts perfectly. I had my c section incision held together with superglue which was the first time I even heard of such a use for it!!

 disinfecting wipes, we all get a ton of them when we order delvered food, save those and put them in your kit!!

whistles with compass

Spoons and forks and papertowls with any type of dried or canned food you desire

Ibuprofen (motrin, advil) anti-inflammatory , Acetaminophen (tylenol) pain reliever

at least $300 in cash. $1s, $5s, $10s, $20s and $50s your checks and cards serve no purpose during an earthquake. I remember the devastation of the 94 earthquake and the lines that circled the stores. If you didnt have cash, you werent to wait in line.

other items that are really useful to barter when money runs out or if you dont have any cash on hand are

Cigarettes, soap, bullets, Alcohol, dried foods, detergent, water bottles, matches, lighters, sugar, toilet paper, bleach, batteries candles...

 Im still getting together the food portion of my kit but the one I purchased from Amazon does have food bars for a family of 4. Aside from these necessities its also a good idea to have cards to help pass the time or dominoes. Of course you have have family scattered around the city you should have a plan with them too, where youll meet up and what steps need to be taken for anyone needing medical attention.

 I got myself all worked up the other night when we had friends over for dinner, one of our guests had never experienced an earthquake where electricty and power lines were down. I got juiced up talking about my own experiences and realized how important it is to be prepared. You should be prepared too, you never know what can happen

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