Chop Chop

                                          A little music, a little change...

It was time for a little change, but one that I have been wanting to make for a REALLY long time. I chopped my hair to a manageable and flexible length.
I have had waist length hair for a really long time and I was noticing I either had my hair in 2 braids or it was up in a bun. Sometimes I wore my hair down but having a toddler thats just asking to get your hair ripped out. But most importantly, I was getting bored with the way it looked. I didnt want a curtain for hair anymore, I wanted shorter hair with layers that can be worn in a sexy messy updo or if I chose to have it down it had body and a lot of movement. 

Like most decisions I make it was in the middle of doing something else. I was on my stationary bike one evening watching TV with my husband when i just stopped and got up and walked over to my home salon and chopped the heck out of it. I felt liberated!!! I did it, I cut it!! I ran out of the salon and showed my husband who was shocked but liked the way it looked. My husband, family and friends say it took off 10 years from my appearance too, not bad!! What I love most about it is that my bouncy curls are back when I want to wear it curly. 

Feels good to make little changes in my appearance....lets see whats next.....

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