Where We Go

Ive been in a nostalgic mood lately and my mind has been with the sunsets of Italy. I am a firm believer that wherever we go we leave a piece of ourselves there and we take a piece of the land and essence of a place with us. Traveling with my husband is definitely my favorite thing we do. He is another person while we are away, more adventurous and so am I. No matter how tired we are from the flight, the moment we land we are full of wonder and excitement to explore, no matter the time of day. We normally opt for private transportation from the airport to our hotel, this way we can have a quick chat with out driver about where the locals hang out and what to see other than the attractions. Our driver took a photo of us (with our daughters Peppa Pig doll) before we took off and now looking back at the images I can relive the events. These photos are of Venice and as you can see, it is ALL surrounded in water, even where there is pavement...

I look forward to our next trip, usually when I plan our vacations surprises pop up. We were planning on a family trip to Paris (again) for 2016 but now we will have to wait a little longer… So glad I took so many thousands of photos to keep my mind happy till we are off again...

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  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Going to Italy is on my bucket list.