Gift Wrapping Ideas For Toddlers

 meow!!!! Heres an idea that your kids will love, their gifts wrapped as cats and a snowman!! So many friends  Ive talked to lately has been telling me to not take it personally if my daughter plays with the wrapping paper over her gifts. So, I figured I could make her wrapping paper fun and exciting. I see a full day of playing with wrapping paper while Christmas cartoons play on the TV and the smell of the air makes us hungry. I used felt paper from Michaels to cut out eyes, ears, whiskers and a nose I used small black pom poms for Iris of the eyes. Quick fun project that can be done with any color or style wrapping paper.

 I didnt have white wrapping paper so I just turned the wrapping paper I did have inside out. I cut out some buttons for his nose from construction paper and used some more pom poms for his mouth ( oops..pipe is missing, never got around to it, Ma). The best part is, the big boxes have the  smallest items, one has a small box of crayons and the other is bath markers. You can also fill the boxes inside with either balloons, shredded paper or popcorn foam. I completed the look by placing a hat I already had and making a scarf from wrapping paper (you can also wrap an actual scarf too), quick and easy....

 Now, I am always introducing new textures, colors and shapes to my daughter. I enjoy seeing her face show the wonderment as well as confusion to some textures. While wrapping I tapped a piece of yarn to the inside of the wrapping paper so it will be easier for her to unwrap her gifts when she pulls on it..

I had old Lei party necklaces from a friends bachelorette party I hosted years ago so I just cut them open and used them. You can literally use ANYTHING. It doesnt matter what it is just as long as it grabs their attention...

 I have a lot of pompoms so I used them wherever I could. I just placed a bunch on top of one of the gifts.

I used more construction paper to cut out different colored hearts as well as turning the paper inside out but exposing enough of the pattern to grab her attention.

I loved figuring out what textures and materials to use for wrapping gifts. I will most likely figure out a few more before Christmas in the next few days...

Hope this inspires you!!


  1. This is mind blowing Sara. You're such a fun mommy, no wonder your kitten talks so much and knows so much. Keep engaging her mind.

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Beautiful presentation on gift giving. Merry Christmas

  3. It looks great and kids must love the presentation. Another excellent quality in a beautiful lady. Great Stuff :)