Crescent Rolls Snacks

Im always looking for new recipes and new ways to get my daughter to eat 'adult' food. I figured if I make little croissants stuffed with meats and cheeses then she can hold it in her hand and not individually pick at it. Normally when I put her food on her high chair she likes to throw it all around her. Her father and I have nearly gone tongue tied telling her to stop throwing her food. I think she thinks thats her name, Don't throw your food.

Anyhow. I hot some Hebrew Franks all beef hotdogs and cut one up. Sliced up a whole onion and chopped up some Fontina and Chederella  cheeses.

After cooking the  seasoned onions and hotdogs with garlic powder, salt and pepper i placed them inside the crescent rolls.

 Sprinkle some more garlic powder and place in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. My oven is super hot, if yours takes a little longer kick it up to 375. After 12 minutes  of cooking I turn off the oven but let the rolls sit on the rack still with the door open for a few minutes. When they are a little cooler they are ready to eat and my daughter loves how small they are but pack with "yummies"

you can stuff yours with whatever you want. I like to add some spinach sometimes and other times just cheese alone. perfect for this cold weather too!!!

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