Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Growing up Iranian-American meant there were many holidays that were adopted by my family purely for social reasons and enjoyment.  I got to experience  different cultural holidays from both Iran and America. We didn't always know what the meanings behind all the American traditions were because we mostly stayed within our own cultural community and friends but we took part in what we saw to be quality and healthy celebrations. Now that Im married to an American man I can make traditions and memories for my daughter that have more of a tie and meaning than it did for me growing up. When I was younger we never had Thanksgiving with friends, it was just my mother, father, sister and I. After my father passed away it was just my mother and sister and I. Today though, I am surrounded by my mother, stepfather, sister, husband and precious baby daughter. Though most would consider us a small group, it has definitely and thankfully grown for me.

This year, like the past 8 years, Thanksgiving is spent at our house with my husband and I. We occasionally have friends and out of town family members that celebrate with us but not this year. This year it is my side of the family that is coming over so I really wanted to make everything special because it is also my mothers birthday. I am most thankful for her because without her non of this would be experienced. 

I wanted to decorate the table with DIY projects. The first project that really set everything else in place for me was my table runner. I used brown construction paper to write out words that we are thankful for. I wrote them in different sizes and boldness. Words like Family, Health, Love, Food, Birtdays, the names of our children, Parents, Grandparents and etc. Everything that means the most to us. Sharpie markers are also placed on the table for other family members to write whatever they want to (awesome for younger kids and preteens at the table too!!) You can stencil the construction paper or even attach printed sheets of family thanksgiving photos from the past. The possibilities are really abundant.

 I used table chargers that I purchased years ago from Michaels Craft store for $2 a piece. They have so many different colors and they are starting to sell printed seasonal ones too. My bowls and utensils are from Cost Plus and my napkins I snagged from Amazon. All together I think my dinnerware was less than $150 for 6 total was money well spent. I also found one lonely cornucopia on the shelf at Michaels that really wanted to come home with me and be the center of attention at my dinner. done.

Fill it with whatever you want and you're good to go. I did bread and fruit. My wine glasses and drink glasses are ones I use often so that wasn't a purchase of any kind. I did use extra wine glasses upside down for candle holders and pretty rose viewing on the inside.

Aside from the table the rest of the house has flowers everywhere from the Flower District in Downtown Los Angeles. i am obsessed with that place. I guarantee you that you will be in good spirits upon walking in there and leave with the backseat of your car filled with flowers and plants for less than $100.

Im looking forward to the family coming over. Im so thankful we are all together and in good health above all else. I pray we continue to stay in good health and remember this holiday for many many years to come. Wishing you all a warm Thanksgiving. Wether you're with family or working a late night shift we are blessed to experience life and live freely. We are blessed to make the choices we see fit in our own lives. Really, there is nothing to be ungrateful for when you keep these things fresh in your memory. 



  1. Sara!! These turned out great. You are so hands on and creative but I want to come over and eat your food

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Wow! Your table came out amazing!!

  3. monica8:14 AM

    Love the detail and simplicity in your table. Happy thanksgiving