Statue of David
Accademia Gallery
Florence, Italy
Michelangelo 1504

As an art lover its common for me to get nerdy and emotional when I see works of art from artists that I admire and are historical. I was not the only one though, no no, there were other art enthusiasts and art historians that seemed to feel the energy and pulse of the iconic piece of art that is known simply as David. The historians would talk to their groups on tour or the person next to them about the facts and observations with a faster more enthusiastic tone. Me, I just stood there looking up wondering how lifelike and accurate everything looked. I didn't know prior to a few months of my trip that Michelangelo was the one who finished the piece, not the one who started it from a block of marble.

Some pieces of art are meant to be taken in and just observed silently, this was one of them for me.

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