Lets go to Venice, Italy!!!!

I was looking up hashtags that had to do with places I had been and I noticed George Clooney got married today in Venice, Italy. Such an absolutely breathtaking place. What was intended to be a day trip turned into an overnight adventure. It was a long day with a lot of island hoping but now that I look back on it, Im glad we pushed ourselves to see everything on my list to see.

Venice is a little less than a 2 hour train ride from Florence. When you travel around a lot the train is a great place to catch some sleep and wake up ready to explore. There is a ton to explore!!

 Once you step outside the train station this is the view in front of you. Beautiful buildings across a jade green canal. We purchased the Venice card which allows you to get on the Vaporetto (water bus) as many times as you'd like. Our first ride in though we opted for a water taxi, it was a private boat for us and it costs 80 euros for 7 minutes into our location of choice…(that will be another post) that didn't have taxis that would stop to pick us back up, only the vaporetto (water bus)

 After much exploring we missed our ride back to Florence so we told a few different hotels our situation and they were able to work out an awesome price for the night. We chose Hotel Antiche Figure and ended up getting a room with a crazy view of the dome and water.

 Dinner was delicious at this spot above but i forgot the name!!!

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