Street Art in Florence Italy

Florence is one big playground for any art and history lover . The whole place is an open air museum. Buildings have glassed frescos from centuries long ago, statues that have stood the test of time and weather, churches that will leave you scrapping your jaw off the floor in wonderment of the sheer magnitude of detail, weight and size of everything that went into constructing these everlasting landmarks. Everywhere around you there is something to see, everything has a history. If you're like me then your imagination can go wild just thinking about who stood where I was standing while looking at all thats around. What did the streets look like back a few hundred years? Were there lovers that used to meet at this corner? How crazy it would be to tell the painter of that fresco that his work would be glassed up to preserve it for hundreds of years to come. I look all around, I think every imaginable possibility and i take it all in. Aside from historic pieces there are also current artists that are well known in Florence as well as the rest of Europe, artists like Clet Abraham and the mysterious artist known only as Blub.

When I first got situated in Florence I went for a walk around the areas that Ive seen hundreds of times on Google Satellite imaging. I noticed on so many of the online research I was doing that street signs were altered in some sort of funny way. When I looked further into it I learned about French artist Clet Abrahams work and how he wants his art to make people stop and think and not to blindly obey. Really cool thing to see in person and all around town. He really does get around!!

   Another really cool artists was Blubs underwater piece of notable classics with scuba gear.. L'arte Sa Nuotare (Art Can Swim??) Story has it that no one knows if Blub is a man or a woman and no one has seen anyone ever place those pieces up…



I saw online that there is a new one of Amy Winehouse and she looks really pretty. I didn't see any around but there is a good size selection to view online….

Love the ever changing art that is around as well as the lasting pieces. All is so cherished and also so fleeting..

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