San Michele Island

San Michele Island, the island for the dead. When we got to Venice my first destination of exploration was San Michele. I read about the notable graves and history and was so interested to see what the inside looked like and how it sounded in there, how it would make me feel…
When we approached the island I had a rush of excitement through me like I normally do at cemeteries
I have been wanting to visit. 

When we stepped inside the island it was actually very peaceful. There weren't any sounds of water from around us but there were lots of birds.
Towards the entrance of the cemetery the graves are everywhere, even on the walkways in some parts. The graves are old and some of the writing on the stones are no longer legible

Love these two photos I took of my husband who was unaware I was photographing him. He was in total zen mode and I didn't want to bother him but wanted to capture the moment. Such a beautiful spot in this world

The whole place is absolutely breathtaking. Its very common for Italian graves to have pictures of the deceased. Along with pictures are very colorful flowers everywhere. In Italy Chrysanthemums are considered flowers for funerals and graves so giving someone a bouquet of colorful Chrysanthemums is a very disrespectful thing to do.

there is still a section at the cemetery that is untapped, however, with the growing number of families that want to be buried here the turn around for a grave is every 10 years or so. At the front of the cemetery they have a chart of the exhumations that will be taking place of older graves…..

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