Hotel Berchielli

Whenever I travel I like to find countries and hotels that have a deep root in history. The internet plays a huge part in my search, especially sites like Trip Advisor . I look through so many websites and blogs before my takeoff that I feel like I've already visited my destination. My husband and I actually just returned from our 8 day Florence Italy trip and Im happy to now share my experiences and ratings of the hotel I chose. The best part is that its honest, its not in collaboration with the hotel so Im not falsely advertising my opinion. In traveling as well as any other business, word of mouth is the best referral.

The hotel is on the southern bank of the Arno river which at one point served as the highway for shipments that came into the city. It is in the historic core of Florence and is an extremely desired location since its close to all the main attractions. 
The rooms are spacious and all have a beautiful view of a different side of the hotel. Some notable
residents of the building that is now the hotel are Romain Rolland who was a distinguished literary critic and Nobel Prize winner for Literature in 1915 as well as the great Pablo Picasso in 1949.

Breakfast is included with your stay if you choose to eat before sightseeing. Italians don't normally eat large breakfasts like we do here in the states. However, you can get a yummy and strong Cappuccino along with pastries and juice. I chose not to eat their scrambled eggs and bacon because the eggs looked more on the soggy side and the bacon was a bit raw. If you're a vegetarian though you will be please to know they do offer  fruit but that also looked canned. 

When you step out of the hotels entrance that faces the river the Ponte Vecchio which is the oldest bridge (1345) and considered most famous is on your left. The bridge has  mostly jewelry shops but back in history they were butcher shops and meat shops. There is also a secret corridor that was built for the Medici family to connect the Uffizi to the Palazzo Pitti so the Medici wouldn't have to be around the commoners when getting from point A to point B

                                                 View in front of the hotel facing the river

to your right is the Ponte Santa Trinita (1567) which is a piece of art in its own right. There are four statues at the bridge (the four seasons) that were placed for the marriage of Grand Duke Ferdinand I de Medici and Christine of Lorraine (1589).

During WWII when the Germans retreated they blew up the bridge which took 3 bombings in order for the whole bridge to be destroyed. What I love the most about this bridge is that the Italians dug up stones and pieces of the statues fom the Arno to reconstruct the bridge using its own pieces. A piece of the statues that wasn't able to be found till 1961 was the head of Primavera-Spring. You can sit and just let your mind roam free while looking at the this bridge and being able to see where the statues were in pieces and placed together.

When you leave the hotel each morning they ask you to leave your key at the front desk. This makes traveling around a lot lighter too as those keys are old school and heavy. The room offers a safe with another antique key but you get to obviously hold onto that key.

Another really great feature is that within the courtyard of the cluster of buildings that the hotel is attached to you see a lot of these interesting hanging rings that are about 7 feet tall. They use to be what the horses were tied to while left outside.

The hotel is ranked #32 of 460 on Tripadvisor and has buzz of being a haunted hotel of the world. I didn't feel anything strange of uncomfortable  except for the one night we woke up to loud thunder and extremely bright lightening but I actually thought that was a bit romantic. Check out their website if you're looking for a great spot to stay on your trip to Italy. You can get to wherever you want to visit in Florence within 12 minutes of the hotel.

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