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Italian doors and balconies are definitely something to take in while on vacation. I love outdoor space no matter how big or small. I love seeing what people do with a small 2 person balcony or a kitchen window. Plants bring life into a space and freshen up the environment. While walking around the city I didn't notice many trees. The few trees we did see were on rooftops and building tops. Plants did make there way to the outside structures of buildings from a plant that was hanging from a balcony wall hook or planter.

Doors were another beauty to take in. Its funny how in the states we take a bold step in the design boundaries by having a red or different color door. In Italy the door handles and knocks are detailed miniature sculptors from different materials. Some buildings still have the old rings to rope up horses and carriage back in the day. Doors have doors, literally.. so beautiful

As we walked over to the other side of the river we came across a MASSIVE wall that looked old but we didn't know what it was. when we walked up there were two of the largest doors I've EVER seen. the doors had doors too. Later on I learned that this is the Porta Romana, the gate to get into Florence.Absolutely breathtaking.. Before we knew it we had been walking for 4 hours in the middle of the night looking into windows that still had their lights on, people coming home from work or being  out. It was a great time to see the city and surrounding areas when the sun wasn't beating down on us and the streets weren't crazy busy...

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