Burano Island

 Of all the Venetian Islands, including the cemetery (thats a big deal for me) Burano was my all time favorite place. Approaching the island you see blocks of colorful buildings that are actually the homes of the occupants of the island. Occupants might I add that seemed to all be over 60 years old. I think maybe thats why i loved the island so much. Everywhere you look there is an old lady with a broom sweeping her front door area or hanging freshly washed laundry out the window on the laundry line they made themselves. Yes, this island was everything I was hoping it would be. So serene and calming. The island itself put its name on the map of the world from their exceptional lace work. Seamstresses and designers are very acquainted with Burano Lace and centuries ago this is the island that started all the jazz on delicate fabrics of lace made by hand with needle and thread...

If I had a place I could choose to retire at then it would be Burano. I will return to this island one day and hopefully Ill get a chance to overnight it there. Such an incredible and memorable experience


  1. Were there cars there or just boats?

    1. Just boats, the island isn't too big

  2. Do u bring back any lace?

  3. I did!!! We got Soleil a lace sun