By the Sea..

Being a new mom has required me to put more than 75% of my 'old routine' on the back burner. I can't do a lot of the things I once had a lot of time for and thats totally okay but in order for me to remain a patient and sane mother I have to make time to get back to me. Sounds harsher than it is but the first few years of motherhood are extremely challenging. Aside from the responsibility of keeping a human being alive we also have to adjust to the way life changes. Work is definitely one of the most highlighted subjects of this equation. I have cut back on my clients and have had to be honest with myself about my availability in certain projects. Long story short, I have had to change more of how I have been used to doing things. Another adjustment is body after baby. I haven't purchased clothes or treated myself to any material goods because I haven't been happy with my body. I gained 75 pounds when I was pregnant and let me tell you its been extremely hard trying to lose the weight. With all the adjustments and learning to find a place of comfort I am also learning about the woman I am becoming.

Motherhood is amazing and there is nothing sweeter than waking up to my little kitten stroking my cheek with her chubby little hand saying "Hi babbbyyyyyyyyyy". How amazing it is that our children become products of us, our personalities, our interests and way of talking… I love this time in life. As much as I love it I also love the things that i used to do before baby was born. Things that sometimes can't be enjoyed the same if Im chasing after baby. One of my favorite things to do is spend the early hours of the new day by the sea….

I was able to enjoy a few hours at Point Dume, my favorite beach in Malibu. The water was surprisingly comfortable. Not cold to the point of chills but cool enough to go in as far as I wanted to. I saw a baby sea lion swimming by and it actually even stopped to look back at me for a while. Loved everything about that moment. After enjoying my little bliss I looked back at photos and was actually happy with where Im at weight wise. Of course I want to lose more but its been a while since Ive looked at a photo of my body and didn't delete it right away.

Little escapes, little pleasures, little pieces that bring us back to our center, thats what the Pacific does for me. When I went home I smothered my baby girl. I'm getting very nervous about leaving on vacation without her. I seriously don't know why I thought it was a good idea to have a mommy daddy trip, our last one just us before having to take kids…
thats another issue I have to learn to handle…

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  1. Elizabeth zanjan1:29 PM

    I'm a new mom too with a 45 weight gain. I've lost most of the weight but yoyo a lot. My new activity that I started since becoming a mom is high intensity cycling. A good sweat makes me feel energizeds refreshed.