There Is A Time

Well hello hello!!
long time with no updates. So much has obviously changed since having a baby and this is the perfect time to also change a few things here on this blog. I was hoping to use this site to post a few pictures of some of my work so clients can gaze around and get an idea of what my capabilities are. Problem was that I would rarely update and I was starting to get asked by a few people I work with when Im going to put up my website portfolio instead. So, Ive decided to keep the blog, though its not linked to any other online profiles. I figured it would still be a great way to keep in touch with my family that is scattered all over this planet.

will there beauty related things…sometimes
family pictures? OH YEAH!!!
my kittens milestones and growth? absolutely!!!

Im making it a more personal site rather than just keeping it professional. Ill be using my website for all work related things..

Oh my goodness, totally rambling. sorry!

So, I hope i haven't disappointed any readers but TIMES ARE A CHANGIN'

So lets see… where to start…
I know my mother in law will love these pictures, so here you go, Ma!

my friend Amie made this little video, isn't it cute??

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