want an easy spa like experience to unwind and feel relaxed without leaving your home? Heres a few tips to turn your bathroom into a spa like retreat for yourself or for your spouse..or both. If you are doing this for your spouse I guarantee you your credit will go up.

You don't need much to turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. I had flowers that were on their way to being tossed so I decided to use some of the petals in my bubble bath, grabbed some candles from around the house and lit them and turned on some of my favorite relaxing music. I did buy cool bath soaps from World Market for $8 that were red roses. When they melted in the water, it turned the water red and was super moisturizing on my skin, perfect for shaving. A glass of wine, hot cocoa or cucumber/lemon water is optional...

What a relaxing way to end a long active day. Its a perfect at home experience that doesn't cost much at all depending on what you want to add to your bath. For all the new moms out there, this is heavenly, what a great way to treat yourself after feeding the family, cleaning up and putting the baby to sleep. For any men that want to pamper their ladies and make them feel beautiful and refreshed, this is the easiest way to achieving that. The little details mean so much to us and its a sweet gesture to show your appreciation.

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