Holiday Vibe

Where did 2013 go? This year flew by so quick, didn't it? Well the saying holds true, Time Flies When You're Having Fun. Its true, a new study from psychological science suggests that the old saying might really be true, with a slight twist: time flies when you're having goal-motivated fun. (

2013 has been a good year, let me re-write that…2013 has been the BEST year of my life, I became a mother to the sweetest, giggly girl. To be honest, all else faded away. I attempted to do things or make friendships and hold on to other friendships, just an overall keep up  but reality is, once you become a mother all other things seem secondary, and it should! my day to day when Im not working is spent loving, nurturing and playing with my daughter, she's 7 months old and Im proud to say for the last month she has recognized 3 signs. Milk-Water-Food. Aside from teaching her these signs I also repeat them in Farsi and English. Her pediatrician loves that we are starting her off with 3 languages. Im told to not worry if it takes her longer to speak, for when she does she will have lots to say…in many languages…hahahaha.

I am a parent to 2 and a mother to 1. For the past 7 and a half years I've been a stepmom to my husbands son. Im not new to the responsibilities but I am new to the amount of time a baby requires. Its safe to say I don't get much personal time. Sure it gets hard and taxing but it also builds up excitement for when daddy and I get an evening out together.

Just recently we attended my husbands company Christmas party in Hollywood. I wanted to look nice because it had been a while since I got dolled up. I also wanted to make my husbands heart pitter patter while he was introducing me to his collegues and industry hotshots...

We had a really fun time, felt good being with my husband out at night, sipping whiskey and nibbling on delicious food and treats. As fun as it was, we both kept talking about our baby and how strange it felt to be without her. We missed her so much we made it back to my mama's house by midnight and snuggled with her throughout the night.

Holidays mean so much more to me now. I am looking forward to creating family traditions and memories. I hope all of you had an amazing holiday too!! New Years is approaching!! So much to look forward to, most importantly- I wish health for all of us.