How To Apply Lower False Lashes

  There are plenty of false lashes for both upper and lower lids to choose from when wanting to give your eyes more of a pop. I chose to add cluster strip lashes because they blend easily when there is a break between the hairs. When I apply false lashes to my lower lids I do my makeup application first then really darken my lower lash line. I do this because it helps hide the strip from the false lashes.

 There are false eyelash holders you can use when applying falsies but I find it easier to use a sharp tip tweezer, it helps me guild the lashes as close to my lash line as possible...
 After I place the lashes I run my finger underneath it and pull upward so it doesn't look like the hairs are growing straight down. Sometimes the glue from the lashes will make your eyes sensitive, just close your eyes to rest them for a few seconds or for as long as you need till the sensation has cooled down.

and there you have it, you can NEVER go wrong with more lashes!!