Heavenly Bodies

 A perfect evening usually consists of a delicious dinner and an amazing art show that teaches something new, at least thats how I like to think of the perfect evening. Dr. Paul Koudounaris had his opening show and book signing last night in Hollywood and man did he have an incredible turn out.

In 1578, a labyrinth of underground burials assumed to be the remains of thousands of early Christian martyrs was discovered in Rome. The bones of these “catacomb saints” were then disinterred and sent to Catholic churches and religious houses to replace holy relics destroyed during the Reformation. Reassembled by skilled artisans, encrusted with gold and jewels and richly dressed in fantastic, colorful costumes, the skeletons were displayed in elaborate public shrines as reminders of the spiritual treasures that awaited the faithful after death. For nearly three centuries these ornate “Heavenly Bodies” were venerated as miracle-workers and protectors until doubts about their authenticity surfaced in the modern era. They then became a source of embarrassment for the Church and most were destroyed or hidden away. (Source)

This type of art is so up my alley. I love dark, detailed, historical pieces. I had no clue about these skeletons and never knew how deep art history can go and where it can end up.