Natural Acne and Anti-Aging Mask

There is something about the month of October that brings out the makeup artist in all of us. Halloween is one of those holidays that inspires us to pick up our brushes and make Dick Smith proud. With so many products being buffed, blended and caked on our face we need a balance by cleansing and maintaining.

Hopefully you are properly washing off your makeup every night. Many Halloween cosmetics are wax based and waterproof which can really bake on your skin and sit in your pores causing breakouts and acne. Aside from Halloween makeup many of us wear makeup on a daily basis so its really important to know how to care for your skin so every application looks flawless.

Cleansing our face is really the bare minimum of what we need to do to maintain a healthy and glowing appearance. Acne and skincare products have Salicylic acids and Alpha Hydroxy acids in them. Salicylic acid peels away the top layer of skin and unblocks pores. Alpha Hydroxy acid exfoliates the skin, they are used for anti-blemish and anti-aging skin care.

We spend hundreds of dollars every year to purchase the perfect skincare products but did you know you can make your own facial mask PACKED with Salicylic and Alpha Hydroxy acids from a few items in your fridge.

Thats right, a strawberry and yogurt mask is loaded with the essential ingredients to nourish your skin properly and help you fight acne at any age, the natural way! Heres the recipe!

2 strawberries (Salicylic Acid)
2 tablespoons of plain yogurt or sour cream ( Alpha Hydroxy Acid as well as Anti-bacterial zinc)

Mash your strawberries then mix it in with your yogurt. Spread over clean face and let sit for 15 minutes then wash off.

you can add 1 teaspoon of raw honey for an even more anti bacterial mask.

with the amount you made you have enough for 4 applications. I do it once in the morning and once at night for 2 days then make 1 strawberry and 1 tablespoon yogurt mix for once a day application at night.