Halloween 2013

 Its crazy how fast a year went by. It feels like just yesterday I was forcing myself to get dressed for our annual Halloween party. I remember feeling so sick because I was pregnant and in my first trimester. Last year we announced to all our friends that we were having a baby and here we are. A full year has come and gone and new memories are being made. We didnt do a party this year because it was just too hard with a little baby and working. Speaking of working, I worked late yesterday all around town and then had to figure out what I was going to dress up as for my friend Amie's party. We were unprepared, but Soleil was hooked up. In the funniest way we take a little pride in that too. we may not have everything handled for ourselves but it is for our baby. Our children come first, right? So anyway, Michael decided to just wear his costume from last year. He really enjoyed making his vest and finding pieces of the costume throughout stores and online sites. He says he remembers the night before finding out I was pregnant because he had been putting together the pieces of the vest and finishing it up. ha, ha, I love that. I still had to figure out what I was going to be. I knew I would just paint a face mask of some sort on but what would I wear? Michael and I went through my closet and found anything that was comfortable and could be dressed up in a certain way. I chose to wear my heavy purple hooded robe over my clothes and just accessorize. I went for a makeup application that I had done before and felt comfortable with. I chose the Day of the Dead, Sugar skull theme and gave it a light twist. i didnt want to add any flowers or too many colors because I didnt have too much time, otherwise I would have been all over it..ha ha hahaha.

So yeah, here ya have it. Pirate, Tigger, Day of the Dead lady.

                          Last Year, my weakest attempt at makeup and hair for a costume. lol 
                          I was feeling awful, I remember that clearly... ALL worth it though