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Recently on Instagram I was asked to do a pinup makeup tutorial, unfortunately I dont have the time to make video how-to's because I find myself either talking too much or not talking at all and just applying makeup.The editing is what I am not any good at and it just takes up so much time with working and taking care of a little baby. I attempt from time to time to photograph my process instead of video but then too I find myself forgetting to photograph a few steps and it all goes downhill from there. Major case of the "those that know, do" I need to master the teaching part

I did attempt to photograph some basic steps I thought would be helpful in achieving the pinup look...

Every artist has their own way of applying makeup. For me, my method of madness starts with my eyes. I always start my makeup application on myself and my clients with the eyes first. This way it is easier to remove mascara and any other transfer from eyeshadows, hello smokey eyes! 

First off I applied mascara to my lower and upper lashes.. L'Oréal Paris Voluminous is one of my favorites

Then I prepped my eyelids by applying Too Faced Shadow Insurance  then I
applied NYX Eyeshadow Base in white under my eyebrow to make that part of my eyelid pop. White enhances, darks deepen and give depth. After that I applied the same eyeshadow base but in skin tone on the rest of my eyelid.

Afterwards I take a white matte shadow, any kind will work but I used MAC in Gesso, apply that to under your brow as well but focus more on where the arch is. If you dont have arched eyebrows then apply it generously under the curve of your eyebrow. On the lower part of my eyelid, under the natural crease I applied MAC in Mylar, then BLEND!!! no harsh edges, blend blend blend. 

See, this is where I forgot to take more pictures.... 

But after applying those shadows go in with any color that is a light brown or taupe (matte not frosted) I used Coastal Scents in Light Taupe to the crease of my eyelid. If your crease is too low then apply it right above the line and blend.  

Take liquid eyeliner and run it from start to finish on your lashes. If you arent comfortable with liquid liner then rest the brush on your lashes and lightly apply pressure towards your skin. Any liquid eyeliner works, Im using waterproof Italia in Black Matte, has vitamin E and is really affordable.

Apply lashes, Im wearing Valley Girl by Liberty Republic but any brand that isnt too crazy will work. No dramatic theatrical lashes, please!! lol

After applying lashes make your wing for your eyeliner.. Start at the base of your lashes and draw a line going up as far up and out as you'd like then connect the whole line and fill it in

Hope I havent lost you... I know it gets a little confusing...

Apply a white eye pencil on the lower lash line. I swear by Jordana because its richly pigmented and it only costs $1.30. BARGAIN!!! I stock up at makeup shows and trade shows but Im pretty sure they sell them at the local store.

Now onto my face. Since being pregnant and having a baby my skin has been very temperamental. My hormones are raging so I need something stronger than my usual Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation. Im using KETT Hydro Foundation because I can build on it to a full coverage and its wax based as well as waterproof but it allows your skin to still breathe. Before setting my foundation with KETT powder  I start to define my cheekbones with a medium brown. You can use blush, eyeshadow, bronzer or even cream foundation. Anything that is 1 to 3 shades darker than your own skin color.

after blending that freshly applied contouring color I use the powder to set the foundation. 

After foundation is set I apply a light blush over the contouring L.A. Colors Peach Rose then by my temples I use a bronzer Sephora Matte Sienna. I use the same L.A. Colors Peach Rose and lightly dust it over my eyelid crease for some warmth. I went for the bright red lipstick that is synonymous with pinups. The red Im wearing is a color I picked up in Barcelona, Flormar Red number 47. I fill in my eyebrows and bam, done

There you have it!!! Hope your eyes dont hurt from reading! I must come up with an easier way to explain my process....

Hope it helped. Makeup is very forgiving if you know the basics. You dont have to use the colors or even the brands I used, just as long as you know where to put the highlights and where to place the contouring.  

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