Honoring the Heroes

We all know what day today is, if youre on any social network then you may see the same redundancy in posts from everyone. So many people have been sharing where they were or what they were doing or how 9-11 has made them feel. For me, "remembering" takes on a different form. Sure, I have my stories from that dreadful day too, I even made my local newspaper but I shared those stories a decade ago and these days I show my respect in giving back to the firefighters that put their lives on the line every single day.

I made 4 dozen cookies and got a meat platter from Ralphs and took it over to station 88 in Sherman Oaks. 

 This fire station has both steel from the world trade center and limestone from the Pentagon in front of the yard. Upon arriving at the station I was met by the captain and given a tour while he held my baby girl. Today at 6pm they are holding a memorial for the fallen heroes. I hope to make it to the event, what have you done to honor and show respect to our fire fighters and police officers in our communities? Im hoping its more than a post on any given site. Get out there and live by your word.

 At any moment when we are in need we call on our communities heroes to help us. A little respectful gesture takes only a few minutes out of our day but it makes our firefighters and paramedics, EMT and police officers know how much we appreciate all they do.

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