Azure and Teal

This beauty is Ifer, a professional nanny, writer, owner of Mount Plushmore stuffed animals and all around creative soul. I met her through another client friend. I was referred to her and since our first appointment I felt like I knew her for years. Some people have that type of energy , easy to get along with. Our beauty sessions are always loud, giggly and inspirational. Fun stories and good girl chatter.
She is a natural brunette, dark brown hair but we wanted to play around. After bleaching her hair we applied Ion Color Brilliance Brights to her hair, Azure all over then two panels of Teal. Had she not brought this brand over I probably wouldnt have noticed it. I exclusively use Goldwell but think Ill switch over for a few colors. 

Soon enough youll see a photo of Ifer with rainbow hair... 

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