Personal Tidbits

Where to begin... well, motherhood has been great so far. Time is speeding by so fast. My little baby doesnt fit into her newborn clothes anymore, sniffle sniffle.. 

Having this new schedule is a bit challenging on how I used to get ready. Its a rarity for me to have the time to comfortably do my hair and makeup. Before I was pregnant my favorite part about going out or starting my day was sitting in my makeup chair and creating how I wanted to look for the day. I wrote before I was pregnant because during my pregnancy I mostly felt sick so putting on makeup or doing my hair was the last thing on my mind. Now that baby is here I have that urge inside of me to doll myself up but I just dont have the time to sit and finish, uninterrupted. However, to keep a brush in my hands I have settled for applying makeup on my eyes only. It doesnt take up the same amount time and I am still able to be creative. 

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