How Do You Define Beauty

How do you define beauty? Is it a designer label? Being skinny? The latest trend? The attention of everyone around you? Well, for me its none of those things. I haven't ever been a label junkie and quite frankly I dont see what the hype is about to pay big bucks for an item that so many people can get. Being skinny has its perks but some of the most beautiful women Ive seen have curves which is so feminine and visually appealing. Trends bore me, I have never been someone that chases trends, I leave that to the teeny boppers. I also dont equate attention/popularity with beauty. All these fade away, designers will keep emerging, sometimes our bodies change shape throughout the years, trends die out quick and having attention on you all the time can quickly make you lose your mystique.

For me, beauty is being original. Bringing to the table something that is true to a person. Ive always been drawn to crazy outrageous makeup. Years ago when I put on purple or blue lipstick I was looked at like I didnt have a clue on how to do makeup. Fast forward to today and geez, abnormal lip colors are all the rage. Thats what bugs me the most, liking something because someone told you it was "cool" or it was the latest trend. Throw that type of controlled thinking to the wind, we arent cattle to go with the herd, we are individuals that all have something to offer. Wear that shade of green lipstick if you want and shave your head, even if you are a girl. Beauty is what YOU define to be beautiful. Now, dont get me wrong, some people dont have an opinion when it comes to style. The internet or magazines are the only place where they get their creative energy from and thats all okay. All Im saying is dont be afraid to apply the type of makeup you want, wear the style of clothes you want and invest in the type of future you want rather than spending on that in fad item. Who knows, when what you're sporting becomes all the rage, you can feel good inside knowing that you were way ahead of the game, THATS STYLISH!

School has already started for many and will be starting soon enough for the rest. Hopefully all the returning students feel comfortable and confident enough to express themselves however they see fit.

Hope you all had a colorful summer!!

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