There are a few golden moments in all our lives that we know we will remember and cherish for the remainder of our time here. Special moments, the kind that change you forever in some sort of magical way. They can be good or bad, happy or sad, random or written in the stars..
May 20th 2013 my life changed forever, for the better. My sweet precious kitten graced our lives. I was a nervous wreck going into the hospital, had some problems with collapsed veins in both arms and not feeling very good when the medication started to take effect. I remember asking the doctor to please put me under because I couldn't handle the feeling. I was told to hold on and what I was feeling was normal. I remember bits and pieces of that beautiful moment in my life. I remember moving my head continuously  from left to right asking to just please put me under and then I heard the doctor say "Bring in mom and husband" and I just studied my husbands face because I knew his facial expression would let me know if anything was going wrong. God is good, he just had the sweetest most excited expression on his face. My mom was sitting next to me telling me she loved me and its almost time...

There was a lot of pressure and discomfort and I didnt have control over anything. Life was taking its course and I had no option other than to ride it through...
 There was a lot of noise, doctors talking, machines beeping, my mom whispering in my ear to be strong, my doctor saying "She'll be out in less than a minute, Sara." with all that was happening around me I suddenly heard my precious angels voice and remember opening my eyes wide and one of the doctors said "Turn your head to the right and look at your baby, mom, congratulations"

 The doctors and my husband brought her over to me and my husband said "Give her a kiss, Sara" my mom praying out loud and telling me how beautiful she is. One kiss turned into 4 or 5. The moment my lips touched her sweet cheek, when I could actually feel her without her being in my body was the BEST feeling I have ever experienced. period. I get it, I understand now how parents say they never knew a love like that of parent and child could exist. Just as my sweet flower petal was born I too was born as a mother. My sweet baby's life depends on me 100% and as scary as that is, its also really unexplainably fulfilling. I cant believe everything that is happening in my life right now but I am totally grateful and feel blessed.  My sunshine is here!! born 7:56AM 7 pounds 3 ounces 20 inches long. Love of my life.

The next thing I remember after kissing Soleil and taking a photo was that everyone had left the room. From a really busy room came a quiet and calm room. I remember hearing the doctors talking and that music was playing. As I focused in on the music I realized it was Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah. I thanked the doctors as they were sewing me up and then told them I love this singer and song... then tears were rolling down my face.. I was drugged up and extremely emotional.. My doctor asked me who sang this song and I told her then she said her son sang this song 2 days ago for an audience in his voice class, then she showed me the video... Ha, Ha, lol the things we remember....

We had to stay at the hospital for a week but we are all healthy happy and HOME!!!



  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D to you both Sara and Michael, you have a beautiful baby girl!!! :)

    I am happy that it all went Good!! :)

    Kind regrads,


  2. I read and viewed the photos for the 2nd time. Tears. I sooo happy for you. I know for a fact that Soleil will and is deeply loved. :) xox

  3. Anonymous5:20 AM

    congrats, sara and michael

  4. Many congratulations you both. Precious... yes she is precious. Lots of love and prayers for her.

    Sara, I am sorry to say but her beauty is leaving you behind :). She is gorgeous. God bless her.

  5. Thanks everyone!! and Ali, I think that compliment is just perfect!! thank you. I do believe she leave me behind in the dust when it comes to beauty. She is my EVERYTHING!!

    1. Ameneh5:56 AM

      I'm crying

    2. awww, Ameneh, ...lol...me too. I just came to re-read this and Im sitting here in the dark crying lol. I love you sister