Back To Work

Happy to announce I am slowly making my transition back to work. Before, I assumed I would take a few months off but 3 weeks after having a baby I started taking on a few clients, not to mention how I was seeing clients that couldnt hold off, a day before I delivered.  Now, my baby is a month old and though I have the luxury of setting my own schedule I also have to arrange when my mom can watch my baby while I work or am booked for a photo shoot. Freelance has definitely been a blessing, I am able to continue to do what I love as well as not have to stress about losing time with my new kitten.

Since becoming a new mother I realize how little time new moms have for themselves to get ready or even brush their hair! This realization has got my creative juices flowing with ideas to better serve new moms. Luckily I do have a work setting which allows moms to bring their babies in with them and not get the side eye if there needs to be breast feeding or breaks in between our beauty session to address baby's needs.

I have met a lot of amazing new moms online but they are spread out through the globe. Soon, Ill be looking to meet new moms in my area so we can schedule play dates as well as network my services to the new community Im apart of.

time will tell how this will all go!

Stay beautiful!!

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