You Are Our Sunshine..Our Only Sunshine..You Make Us Happy

April 7th was our baby shower and we had such a lovely time. My mama worked really hard to prepare and cook food for a few days. I love and respect her so much for everything she has worked so hard for. the day was beautiful and everyone was laughing and chatting together. Of course, I realized a little too late that I had forgotten to invite a few people (pregnancy brain) and felt guilty about it but something tells me they will understand.

Its almost time, 6 weeks left and I will be able to hold my sweet precious ray of light in my arms. Kiss her sweet plump lips and begin my journey as her mother. I have had a really tough pregnancy and I havent been eating as healthy as I should. I have shoved everything in sight into my mouth and have seen through photos how much my face and body have changed. I suppose it goes with the territory but it is hard and I do plan on doing things differently should I have another baby. But for now, this pregnancy, I am just plumping up my baby girl, my love, my purpose in this world. My husband Michael and I talk about her every single day and our excitement grows more and more the closer we get to our delivery date. A little girl.... I am so excited about it. My husband is so thrilled to have a little girl. I cant wait to see us in action as parents. It will definitely be interesting since we come from two different cultures. Persian culture is rather strict and hard on children and I actually like it that way. My husband balances me out with explaining how things should be. We'll see how it all goes...

Her nursery is almost done, just needs a few books and art pieces and were in business.

Havent posted in a really long while, been working and incubating a human. Hopefully after baby comes Ill post more...

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