Time Keeps Moving On

On the eve of my 32 birthday I find myself listening to music and looking at photos of myself from the past. We never notice our youth till the years are behind us, isnt that funny? I guess you could say Im feeling very nostalgic, happy and thankful for where my life is. Sure there are people from my past that I miss dearly and wish things would have turned out differently but I wouldnt be who I am today, or be where I am today if I didn't go through my experiences. I remember a time when 30 years of age sounded so old and serious and look, here I am now, a few hours away from being 32. Time keeps moving on, days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Soon Im going to be a mama and Ill be witnessing (God willing) my daughters life take shape. Ill share stories and remember the excitement of 'firsts' in things.

Life is truly beautiful, we all go through the same sort of emotions just different levels of experiences. I hope to celebrate more birthdays in good health and happiness and have the people I care most about next to me celebrating with me.

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