Beautiful Baby Fever

This post has less to do with makeup and more to do with the beauty of life.

I am so happy that my friends offered to help me with the baby shower planning because honestly I may have not been able to pull it off on my own. Today, I started searching for cute ideas on unique showers. I will say, I definitely need my girls to tell me to cool it because I want to recreate every photo Ive seen.

Its the year of the baby! so many of my friends just had their babies or are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. So for all you beautiful glowing women, heres some ideas to get the inspiration flowing...

How adorable are these photos? 

There is cool photo I found on on how to make candy pacifiers. Definitely think Ill try to see if I can make these...

I also know of a store in DTLA that sells baby shower items in bulk for a really affordable price. Think Ill try and head over there soon and see what type of goodies they have. Once I do, Ill get the name and address of the store and share it with anyone that wants to know.

Till then.. inspire and be inspired!

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  1. jajaja que divertido!