The Best Is Yet To Come

 Okay, so last night we had our Halloween party and though I didnt have energy to be a badass pirate I have a perfect explanation....

Im 9 weeks pregnant!! Thats right, my sweet husband and I will be expecting our first child together this May. This has been an extremely uncomfortable and trying time for me. I am constantly nauseous, tired and out of breath. Oh it makes me nervous to think what the next 7 months will be like.. However it may be, I pray for a healthy child. Ill take the discomfort as long as baby is alright.

My husband has gotten far more excited than I ever though imaginable. So much so that the baby already has clothes!!! We dont even know the gender of our baby but were pretty sure itll be a boy. His family has nothing but boys! My sweet Tweetie is small but powerful and each day brings new emotions and feelings. Many of my dear friends are having babies too, all boys.. and this new adventure for all the couples has everyone in good spirits.

We were planned to go to Paris this February for our 1 year anniversary but we have better plans now, get ready for baby.

theres a lot I want to share with you all but right now, I just want to kick up my feet, have a glass of milk and snuggle with my big bear thats snoring on the couch.

Chat soon, friends


  1. Jennifer5:23 PM

    Congratulations Sara and Mike. So happy for you both, this is the best news!

  2. Niral8:59 AM

    Happy moments for u!! wise people have nice planning for everything in life and they are blessed to do so,
    ..but some have completely chaotic and destruction backside in the life inadvertently, God chooses some of them for his own task to be performed off then they just become instruments of his work..however both kind of people have equal significance..

    anyway I wish u be remain healthy and supercool..

    this is for you ,little lord Krishna and his mother Yashoda..u like it