Halloween 2012

We had our annual Halloween party last night and it was loads of fun. Friends from all over California came over to celebrate and have fun. Some friends I hadnt seen in a very long time so being in each others presence was just what I needed.

  Pregnant ladies galore~ Unfortunately we had a few missing pregnant ladies but its understandable, being pregnant is hard.

 I had custom made pirate cake pops and brain cupcakes from Fancy Batter along with dozens of treats from friends and family.
 Wish I was able to photograph everyone but everyone was too busy chatting. Luckily for us, our dear friend Ed came with his camera and snapped some great shots of some friends.

Had a really nice time. So glad we know such amazing souls. I truly love all of them. i love seeing their faces even though I dont always get a lot of time to catch up with all of them. 

Happy Halloween friends!

1 comment:

  1. Niral8:41 AM

    cool! You look awesome, beautiful pirate!

    but I must say supercool "Gangnam Style" would have prevailed all the party..did anybody/everybody latched in it?!!