Do It Right

Okay, Im starting to sound like a broken record. I keep saying I will blog more and more consistently but I am not holding true to my own word. Im lame, forgive me. I want to post stuff other than beauty related things so I can keep it fresh and exciting...but then I start the "ah, who really cares?" I guess Im in a funk when it comes to my blog. Ive been putting photos together for my website (and Im slowing down on that too) but find myself getting wrapped up in life. You know how it goes, newly married, trying to keep up with house and home, not to mention building my career.

Aside from being totally MIA on the blog, I have also taken a huge break from Makeup (on my own face) its been a month!! Anyone that knows me, knows that Im a girlie girl that believes in leaving the house with my "face" on. But these days, I've just been too tired to do my own makeup. Now I understand that phrase "The Cobbler's children have no shoes".  Its life, and I am not complaining. I can actually see the difference in my interests as the years go by. Life is beautiful that way, one day youre all about this and the next day youre all about that. I roll with it and enjoy each phase as Im experiencing it.

These days, Im all about being a trophy wife. What does that mean anyway? Well, for me it means putting my family first and doing what I need to to create happy, positive memories. I still love cooking, still am into decorating but I've kicked it up a few notches. Anyways, stay with me, friends. I wont disappoint... (I hope)... Now, I gotta go light some inscents and vacuum  before the husband comes home. Its date night!!! i LOVE Tuesdays!!

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  1. Happy to see you back and it's a nice post..I always revered woman taking good care of her family ..
    yes,'change of interest' is a very practical thing it's kind of manifestation and priorities at different stages of life , faith in one's own self that is all required..
    u look very beautiful as always..have a nice day

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