Wedding Guest Makeup and Hair

When you're a freelance stylist your work takes you all over the place. One year I was heavy working fashion shows, the next year was photo shoots. Lately I find myself working the wedding scene A LOT!! Before I got married I wondered what made the brides so nervous and jittery. When it was my own wedding day, I realized the importance of the day and started to feel the jitters myself. I eloped, so it was different, I didn't have 250+ guest staring at me and my every move.

Aside from the beautiful bride, the loving couples guests are also excited to share the special day and care just as much about their own appearance. Just as I tell my brides to never try and look different than they normally would, i give the same advice to the guests. That doesn't mean to have low standards, it means stay with your own style, just vamp it up a few notches.

I had beautiful Cynthia come over and we did her hair and makeup. She has very light features so I went against using blacks, except for her mascara and top lid liquid liner. Earth tones and her special glow made the look complete.

voila !!!

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