Fall 2012 Trends

Im starting to really question "trends"..If you think about it, nothing is really new or untapped. Red lips are still in, just a little deeper and darker. Hair is also the same, Ombre is still in its just not as dramatic as before. Subtle with the hair and heavy with they makeup. The whole "if you do heavy eyes dont do heavy lips" is for those who really dont know what they're doing. If you do it right, your heavy eyes and lips look STUNNING. If you don't know your way with makeup then yes, stay with minimal applications. But for the fashion forward and fearless, apply baby, smear it on. Eyeliner is still a must and mascara is not optional.

Hair buns are getting a little help from braids. It makes the lazy look a little more like you've put some effort behind it.

Big, full hair is big right now too. tease it baby and if you dont know how, remember to visit your stylist because Hairdressers tease it till it sticks straight up!!

Blunt fringe has always been a favorite of older clients. Its the best way too look younger and hide forehead wrinkles and damaged uneven brows without going under the knife.

Well, thats it, sorry I dont have something new and exciting for you. Its all recycled, ya know?

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