I gave my husband his birthday present early this year. His birthday is at the end of August but unfortunately for timely celebrations our schedules are a little too tight to celebrate the way I had wanted to. So what the heck, lets celebrate early!! This was my husbands first trip to Las Vegas!!! So strange yet refreshing to know someone, especially an LA guy, that doesnt spend countless weekends in LV. We took off late on Friday due to business functions my husband had to attend. We got to Vegas a little after 1am and stayed at the beautiful Wynn hotel. My husbands first trip to sin city was very important to me and I wanted certain things to be perfect.  The staff was so sweet to us, I dont know if it was pure luck or  upon learning our last name that we got upgraded to a strip view, 20 levels higher than the 10th floor we were already scheduled to be on. The hotel is enormously detailed and colorful and with so much going on and no one realizing the time of night it was, it was hard to be tired and not have the need to go out and explore. The only thing that was out of my control completely was the weather. 110+ degrees and uncomfortable. Im a firm believer that knowing when to travel is as important as the blessing of being able to travel. I am not a fan of extremely hot weather but it was otherwise perfect.

This may very well be the first and last photo of me in a Vegas pool. ...a crowded one anyway. The 15 minutes I spent in the water was documented so Im good with it. =)

    My favorite part of the trip was Zumanity!! I snapped this photo of us before the show but of course its blurry. We had front row seat and got to see everything up close and personal...real REAL personal. One of the water dancers (AMAZING PERFORMANCE) had her eye on Michael all night and even pulled him up on stage towards the end of the show to , well, lol um...participate in an orgy..... Oh yeah, my husband was delivered back to me shirtless. Talk about a GREAT first time Vegas experience, right? What happens in Vegas doesnt always stay in Vegas, Michaels right cheek just below his eye is still red from a whip one of the Dominatrix's had and was snapping it around!!! I have so many crazy moments from that evening and random photos that I uploaded on Instagram. It was a lot to take in, our next trip is already being planned for our next Vegas show!!

Glad my husband and I arent crazy club goers or fans of overly crowded places, especially in the heat. We enjoyed delicious meals, had luck at the casino and took in a show.

Good Times


  1. Fredrik5:32 AM

    Haha she dragged up your poor husband on stage!! And delivered him back shirtless and whipped. Bet he loves Vegas now lol

    Looks like a real cosy trip. I would have LOVED that heat btw. I'm the weirdest Swede, usually takes me hours before I go cookoo in that kind of heat. Simply love it

  2. The whip in the eye was the worst part of the show... HAHA. I had so much fun, thank you my sweet precious wife!!! You are the BEST. We always have fun everywhere we go together.
    I LOVE you!!!

  3. A monk is asked what next for him after spending 60 yrs of strict ascetic life in the caves of Himalaya,he replies now I want to retire and spend rest of my peace less life in the Las Vegas!! haha...

    On the birthdays boys used to shrink in the 'innocence' and 'cuteness' that have never been the case throughout the year!!

    It seems you have enjoyed the vegas at its best, you both look awesome in those pics...'delivered back to me shirtless'..lol

  4. Maria9:16 AM

    Happy birthday your relationship give me a lot to look forward to. It's good to see a couple in love after so many years. Your both dedicated to each other and it shows.