We Must Be Our Own Before We Can Be Anothers

There is something very negative in the air these past few months. I swear its the curse of cruel summers.  Some of us are lucky to dodge the bad juju (for now) and others become engulfed in its wrath. Either way,  sooner or later we all go through rough patches in our lives. At the moment of confusion and misery we feel "its over" and theres nothing that can be done to put the pieces together. But as an outsider, as someone looking in, I know first hand that it serves a profound and purposeful lesson, a calling, an awakening...

The last impression I ever want to give off is someone who thinks they have all the answers or someone who knows exactly what to do next. I dont. Im often lost myself but through my wandering both mentally and spiritually I find out a little more about myself and this beautiful yet brutal world around me.
Im often hesitant to give advice of any kind online but I figure tonight will be my exception.

I dont know each and every one of my readers but I do know as human beings, we all go through some messed up crap in our lives at some point. Everyone to different degrees and outcomes. So if any of you out there are reading this with a heavy heart, know that with each breath you take and each conscious decision you make to live mindfully that you are improving your future. Dont judge your life at this moment by your harvest but by the seeds you plant. Tomorrow youll see the dirt shift around, next week a new beginning out of something that was once baron. Soon youll see a new life and vibrant view of things. I promise you this, just hold on, onward and upward...

I cant tell anyone what will relieve their stress but I do know that mediation and soul searching helped me cope with the minutes and the hours, days and weeks... I like to spend time alone and Im not someone that needs to constantly be entertained so it came easier for me to figure stress releasing activities. When I did get in a rut I found making a short term plan for my life helped tackle each obstacle and gave me a sense of accomplishment and completion when I reached each goal. I still set 3 month goals for myself. Some people have longer duration goal plans but Im not them and youre not me. Know yourself, and find what works for you.

I hope you all have someone to be there helping you through. If you are that person that is helping a friend in need then may God continue to grace your life and keep you in good spirits, always. Your role is extremely vital.

Lets not ignore the obvious, MUSIC, its always helped me cope with anything...

God Speed


  1. Anonymous6:03 AM

    This post. Really targets the point of rising above it all. You have a clear way of expressing yourself and what you want to convey. Great insight and I think you should post more advice

  2. Busy full time mom8:41 AM

    Let's talk about your content for a minute

    Stay original and personal like you are. Glad to see your aren't bribing with giveaways and storylines that are recycled 10 different ways by 10 different bloggers. The gift of writing seems to be getting lost with so many sites I visit when I get a chance to breathe and surf the web.
    Do another advice post just stay away from handing out anything. Trust me, most of us don't need material things that desperately.

  3. Lauren you freaking crack me up!!!! i dont know why i read bribing as dribbling. I was about to write, um.. "No I dont dribble giveaways" lol

    I never blogged to get a thousand comments or followers. Sheesh, I read blogs but dont always comment. I do see that stupid hand out giveaway crap. I laugh at what follows those giveaways or what leads up to them... I dont have that sort of time or interest.

    As far as content... you'd be super embarrassed about how far some people go for content. Everyone has different priorities... lol

    Get in Monday at 4, I cleared it. Ill text you too since I feel you arent reading this anymore....lol

  4. Feel sorry to see u in dark mood, but I hope you will soon come across it ,you are strong ! I greatly appreciate ur attitude..

    I know things are not always easy especially when you have to trade with your own living principles and imminent need of the time, sometimes that left you regretting ..

    me also have gone through a chronical phase of dissapointments and dejections ,still it is there with ‘bulit-in’ defects of mine , I always wanted to fethom everything around me , justify them hardly.. my this curioucity and solutions of the difficulties converges gracefully to the single fact of spiritual truth as a thing of perfection by which everything can be defined finestly in its proper place, not as a ‘other world’.

    Besides chaotic , brutal objective movements of the world there is blissful subjective force of life ,laid by the divine godhead which is going to decide the fate of human race..we have to be more and more original and pure accept facts as it is to realize that truth… solutions are within us not on the ‘Mars’, there are no ‘iphone’ applications for that either!!

    “ A soul is a lionine soul who remains unattached to the pleasure and pain, be stilled in oneself , thy attains to me” – The divine Lord Sri Krishna .

    Sri Aurobindo was a one of the great est sage of modern India, he was a great scholar, a nationalist, a poet and a yogi later he lived dedicated spiritual life during which he decoded sacred, ancient Aryan hymns- a descended spiritual knowledge .. I like to suggest you one book of his principle work
    “The Life Divine” – difficult to read but 1000 times worth reading
    See the responses

    You can get it in pdf

    sorry this comment has been an little essay!!

    I love that photo very much – the struggling journey of human race in the dark night with the glimpses of the divine light..

    God bless you bye

  5. Alex Benjamin Barnes11:03 PM

    I want to start out by congratulating you on your precocious music taste. Next I want to compliment you on your use of descriptive writing. Now, I want to defend give aways on websites and personal blogs. Everyone has their own audience and interacting with their audience to engage them is better achieved when you offer free shit. Some go above and beyond what is necessary because traffic to their website validates why they are sharing their story in the first place. There are online communities that interact with each other on a regular basis. Most bloggers and online communities are managed by mothers who find blogging to be therapeutic, free and a way to generate a small income while at home. Furthermore, these individuals find a great sense of belonging within these groups.

    You have readers but not a lot of blogger connections. Could this mean your audience is the working class like yourself that may have come to your blog for inspiration, a way to keep in touch or by accident? It's a different type of area for different types of groups/people. You wouldn't go into Neiman Marcus and ask for over the counter cosmetics, same with websites. They are all demographically targeted.
    To conclude, I enjoy reading websites from automotive repair to home improvement. Occasionally when my wife leaves the computer on I stumble across sites she's visited and what she's interested in lately. She gets freebies all the time and as a full time worker, I don't mind that she's not asking me for every little thing she sees.

    Best regards,

  6. Jennifer3:01 PM

    I love your way!! You are so incredible

  7. My Dearest Sara,
    It is always a pleasure to read your incredibly articulate and insightful musings and thoughts. You truly have a gift for sharing intimate issues and staying positive. I have enjoyed your blogs throughout all it's incarnations and it is a pleasure to feature your blog on our site. I am asked about you all the time by our visitors and always reply that it is featured for a reason, go read it.
    I deeply appreciate our friendship and kindness. Peace be with you all the days of your time in this plane.
    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

  8. This is a sweet post, sweet Sara lime. Your strength and courage always reveal themselves in challenging times. Keep your head up and remember this will pass

  9. I want to thank everyone for commenting on this post. Sorry I cannot get to each one of you individually however I do read them and I do appreciate all your perspectives.