Another Day Another Zombie

Today was a very cool day for me. I made Rob Evors into a zombie, no bath salts included! He is a very talented and faithful actor with quite an extensive resume. At his level, an audition isnt just about walking in, slating your name and reading your part. Dedicated actors go into an audition as the person they are playing, from the first step in to the last step out they stay in character.

This was such a fun application for me. We had to do what we could with our time limit. He had been auditioning all morning and we were given a few hours to see what I could come up with. Im happy about the results but I do see where I would have done things differently. I need to start taking profile pictures because I did a cool slash by his ear but I have no documentation of it now...

Im dying to make another zombie, hoping I get another chance real soon


  1. michael wynne4:33 PM

    You Fuckin Rock. This looks fantastic baby!!!

  2. Niral6:08 AM

    great work!! you made one of the 'worst'looking zombie..!gold medal for