Summer Wedding Face

 Ever wonder what type of makeup to wear for a Summer's day wedding? Keeping in mind the weather and if the wedding is outside can help narrow down what to apply on. Its a given to apply SPF so I won't bother reminding any of you of that. For me, summertime is when I take it easy with the makeup. Theres something about foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and bronzer that really can make your face look dirty. How? Well, think about it, our body temperature rises  along with the heat in the summer, we naturally tend to perspire or even sweat depending on how active our sebaceous and eccrine glands are. What you place on your face will slide around due to our body trying to cool us down. So imagine all that makeup just gliding around on your face, and for some people that usually stay with the darker colors, this creates a black eyed mess...

So, to answer the question, keep it light. If I had to choose a handful of products to use in the summertime it would be Mascara, lipgloss and blush. The rest doesn't really make or break the look. If you're sun kissed you can even ditch the blush. As far as a wedding goes, make SURE your products are waterproof and long lasting. But since it is summer, try and stay away from the blacks and reds, during the day at least. There really aren't rules to makeup but there are guidelines. Outdoor weddings calls for less shimmery, glittery cosmetics. These types of light catchers will make you look greasy and shiny. A soft bit of shimmer doesn't hurt on the eyelids but take it easy on the cheeks and face. Bronzer is another product I see people use as blush. It IS NOT blush, you will look funny walking around like you have rug burns on areas of your face. I prefer to keep lips glossy and natural. So, when you think about it during the summer we don't need to fuss as much in front of the mirror. We can spend more time outside doing what we love.

Mascara, yes, always
Lips, nude and glossy
Soft shade waterproof eyeliner is optional
Blush and bronzer are also optional



  1. Amanda8:10 AM

    I like the color combinations because it does look fresh and complete

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Did you do her hair? It's lovely

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  4. Stunning ... I saw her that day and everyone loved her look!

  5. Stunning ... I saw Steph that day and we were all talking about how beautiful she looked!