Raven Haired Girl

I have colored my hair many times and over the past few years Ive played around with lightening it too. No matter what, I am always back to black. This time around I had a lot of fun with lighter hair but my husband wasn't a fan. He had made remarks about how he loves my midnight hair. I kept telling him
that soon enough Id change it back.  The time has come! I colored my hair back to black to surprise
my husband. He noticed within seconds of coming home. You know they love the new look when their hands are constantly in your hair.

We went to a friends party to celebrate her last year in her 20s. My stepson Rane came to party with us.

 I thought my nails (bottom picture) were cool until I met Amanda, who is a MAC platform artist. Her nails are BREAKFAST inspired!!! She has me beat, totally digging those nails.


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Love the black!!

  2. Fredrik5:29 PM

    Completely on your hubbies side Sara, looks smashing on you!
    Hope my female can come to her senses too soon, been begging for pitch black on her for quite some time now. Looks SO good with huge persian eyes and black hair. It's my personal cryptonite :D

  3. Oh it looks fabulous xx