The Sufi

This lady embodies everything that is Woman. Strength, Courage, Beauty, Determination, Loyalty, Intelligence, Warrior (thats what her name means), ENDLESS Love and a heart that equals that of a prophet. I kiss the ground she walks on and find comfort in the sound of her voice and feel rejoiced when I see her bright smile. This lovely lady here is my sweet mother. I love her so much,  the older I get the deeper my respect and love grows for her. As my husband says, "There is not a woman on Earth that has been through what she has been through, all by herself, in a distant land and still come out so graceful, grateful and giving." Yes, I can't complain about anything or use any sort of excuse about anything because I have my mother that has done it all, on her own and came up on top, knock on wood.  The way she raised us, the life she chose to live while her children were still living under her roof has taught me powerful lessons. I don't think she knew she was doing all that, but she was. This woman has pride like you wouldn't believe and I can honestly go on for months talking about how much she inspires me while remaining so humble. Always has a smile on her face and a hug waiting for you. I love you mama, God loves me so much to give me you....

I was able to have my mama sit in as a model for me. She taught me a new technique in cutting that reduced my time down by half. We also got into makeup and taking a few photos. I love this lady. She's always interested in new things. She's a world traveler and love giver, again, so happy to be her baby...


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Well said Sara! Proud call her friend! Love you! Karen

  2. Niral4:46 AM

    What I have often noted is that the girls who are closer to their mothers grow stronger, become independent and beautiful..!!

  3. So elegant and decent lady, excellent post sara, love the poem <3

  4. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Your words made me text my mom saying i love her.
    (guess she's gonna call any second now and be worried that i got diagnosed with something terminal)

    This was a bit hard hard to read while sitting amonst people in the Metro. A lump was forming in my throat the size of a coconut!
    She seems to be such a remarkable woman your mother, so strong yet so kind and humble.
    You saluted and applauded her well here :)

    Blessings from a sunny Stockholm

  5. sashwat5:13 PM

    MashaAllah, May Allah Bless her