I Keep My Visions To Myself

Listening to Fleetwood Mac a lot and losing myself in the stillness of a memory. Theres something so special for me in listening to everything that Stevie Nicks sings. Her music and lyrics are so straight forward and unyielding.                  Dreams has been on repeat...


  1. http://youtu.be/VzPrS-fHtZI My very favorite Fleetwood Mac Song, now that all around us is staggering on the edge of the abyss, I am sensing your light and love across the universe. When we build our houses in the new universe that is unfolding we shall surely be neighbors. May Allah keep you and your beautiful family close and safe. My dearest cosmic daughter, Namaste and thank you for thinking out loud for us to take strength from and share in you incredible visions. Michael

  2. Niral1:57 AM

    Absolutely stunning!! especially with these mesmerizing eyes..such a grace can only come from inside..!

  3. Michael, Sara is one of my favorites as well. I swear, I like to imagine she is singing for me with all her songs... love the feeling inside... Like I always say, and often to my mother, how great you are and wonderful you are. I have found some amazing people through the years and you are definitely on top of that list. Love you Michael, really do.

    Niral, you are a very kind soul. thank you xoxo love your comments

    1. I love you Sara, and your love of me sustains me in times of sorrow, You are truly my very favorite human. She is singing about you, distance and time are not factors. they are the universe at work. I am so blessed to know you. Namaste.

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Lovely Gem .....you are stunning as always!!!