Death Becomes Her

                   All the water in the sea doesn't even reach the knees of the man who fears not death
                                                                      Persian Proverb

I started my first of a series of Sylvia Ji/ Day of the Dead inspired makeup. It took a little longer than I thought it would but the process was very fun. I could have kept adding but I called it a night.
I am looking into doing a colorful one as well. Anyhow, here it is, my late night makeup adventures
that I take on when I stay up with my husband as he works....


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Oooooohhhhh Nice, Beautiful and "Scary" :-))

    Do a vampire (^V^^^^V^) makeup also would be a very Scary/Beautiful female-dracula ;-)


  2. Niral8:21 AM

    hmmmm..'scary' finally, it reminds me joker from the 'dark knight'! and yes you also did it in the dark 'night', lol.. and the way you are gazing at is more scarier lol.
    beauty work at all.

    "From the non-being to true being,from the darkness to the light,from death to Immortality" - Upanishad