Where Do We Draw The Line?

Let me indulge you in some beauty salon talk.
 One of the most common statements in describing women  these days is "She's naturally beautiful, no work done." Im hearing this so often now that it makes me want to analyze the topic. See, I have never been that woman that puts someones beauty on a scale because they are "natural" or "worked on". The truth is, pretty much everyone you've met has been worked on one way or another. Its all in degrees, really. Some women come in to get their hair highlighted or darkened. They want their eyebrows thinner to make their eyes bigger or they want their facial hair removed for a cleaner appearance. Whatever they are doing, they are leaving in a different look than what they came in with. Other women have the means and desire to get a longer lasting, more permanant procedure, they go under the knife to nip, tuck and enhance. The thing that bothers me is how often, especially in Los Angeles women judge other women's dedication to their appearance. Listen, Ive had the finger pointed at me for everything. I can laugh it off and to be honest, it is a GREAT confidence boost. When Im talking to a client and were going over what type of lifestyle suits them and what type of look they are wanting to acheive, the moment always comes up.."I don't want to look like Im trying too hard".....

 Yes, that is key. To look good without looking like you've spent hours putting your outfit, primping and styling together. I am 100% supportive of women (and men) that want to change their appearance. To each their own BUT I do believe we have to draw the line somewhere. I see it often, and have friends that have gone a little collagen  crazy. After a while those get don't know where to draw the line all start to look like each other...

Okat where am I going with all this? Megan Fox. She's a beautiful woman, no matter what. However she is starting to cross that boundary line and aging herself with all the work. Her appearance has been ever changing and good on her for trying different things to see what she likes the most. But, I do hope she stops...okay, not stop, slow down. Her brow bones and cheeks are starting to look very harsh and chiseled. I don't mind the lips at all, I think she kept that moderate but her eye area has dramatically changed.

So, for anyone getting work done or making their revisit appointment again, keep in mind there is a line. Don't come close to it and if you've already crossed it, give you body a break for a bit. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but scary is universal...


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I think Megan Fox is as striking now as she was before she had work done, and she's created a very classic look but it has aged her and she's running the risk of taking it too far. Same goes for Kim Kardashian, beautiful beautiful girl but she's reached the point where much more work will ruin what she's created. I hope both of them can be objective about it and view themselves as outsiders view them!

    Georgia X
    Georgia Loves...

  2. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Salam Sara! :-)

    IMO she is not beautiful much (or at all) since she with all her plastic surgery now looks a bit like an very old lady and she is so skinny that one can see her bone stucture in her face :-(( - But that is my opinion only!

    Here are 4 women that I think is very beautiful since they are not skinny and not fat (the just look healthy and normal) but very beautiful!!! :-)))

    Aysel Teymourzadeh :-)))...from the ESC 2009


    Bahara Golestani :-)


    Jenna-Louise Coleman


    Guess who this is? :-P


    However beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;-)...and these girls are reflected in mine ;-) :-P

    I did not meen any disrespect on your blogg post :-( , I just wanted to tell what I feel ;-)

    Take care,

    Khoodafez :-)


  3. true, your perception for the art and fashion is very elegant and unpretentious. There is always need some kind of self-discipline and it is also true if application of artwork makes it more graceful or graceful all over then its wonderful.
    as opposite to megan fox,i think Monica belluci always looks very graceful.

    anyway the way u write I think you are a very good fashion critic writer as well.

  4. Georgia~ thank you so much for the comment. I agree, she is a beautiful woman but too much work, its definitely aging her. KK is beautiful too, she's looking less middle eastern and more like her mother...lol

    Patrik~ thank you azizam (sweetheart) for the comment. you are not disrespecting at all. I respect your opinion and never get offended if it doesn't agree with mine. Heres where it gets fun...I don't think Bahareh does it for me. her collar looks very awkward to me. Now, Jenna-Louise is hands down GORGEOUS!!! wow!!! she can pull off both innocent and sexy. Love it. Her hair is beautiful as well. love collarbone length hair.

    Niral~ Thank you for the comment, darlin'. I think Monica Belluci is one of the most beautiful women on Earth. She has been a favorite of mine. Of course, I have a soft spot for Italians =) I will say, I got scared of the critic comment. lol. Something that actually rubs me the wrong way is all the critiquing on blogs. I see a lot of misinformation on blogs all in the name of being a "fashion blogger" or "beauty blogger". All of my stylists friends are 100% against blogs and joke with me about why I display my work on here. To each their own but I do understand what they mean. I want my blog to be a creative outlet, not something that defines who i am as a person and I definitely try not to come across like I know it all. So, I guess, I hope you meant that I was doing a good job at just writing my perspective. LOL. that was confusing, huh? lol

  5. Anonymous7:27 AM

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  6. Dear Sara, you are doing a very good job and you absolutely not need to introspect for the 'purpose' of your blog, let it be blossom with your wonderful artwork, expressions and views. If they are your 'freind' they should not oppose you they can kept their views..and as you are well experienced and privileged artist you have the right to make critique.. so keep it good work,keep blogging and enjoy yourself..

    'Never argue with stupid people they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience'- Mark Twain