Trying To Keep Up

Im trying hard to keep up with my blog but Im falling behind. I suppose its a blessing to be busy but also unfortunate that Ive left my blog a bit stale and lonely. I cant say I will work adding posts into my schedule because I have quite the unpredictable schedule. However, working, keeping up with out of town guests and maintaining a warm, up and running home is harder than it sounds. Im managing (barely) but adapting quickly to a life that requires more attention on other things, leaving cyberspace fun on the back burner. So, if 4:13a.m. is the only time for me to blog, so be it. Sleep is overrated and this is coming from the girl that should have won an Oscar for sleeping! Ah, I remember those days, fondly...

Okay, Ill stop rambling on about that... 
The other night before washing my face off I got the wild idea to try 20s style makeup.
I dont think this is exactly how I envisioned it to come out but its still neat for me to look at and it was fun to apply. My husband came home with a curious eye. He wasnt fond of the lips, he said he prefers my "big lips" better. lol... I almost wish I went a little smaller with the lips. I want to try this look again and hope for a different hairstyle then pin curls. I wish I could finger wave my own hair but that'll be a NO.

Seeing myself in different looks, especially ones I dont normally wear, is so fun for me. Good times..


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I like your attempt, it's very candid. Don't worry about keeping up, your busy with life, not leisure. Hopefully this means you'll soon be busy making babies. MAKE BABIES ALREADY....then you'll be forced to slow down and blog more...just kidding.

    Your happiest client!