Sister of Mine

Anyone that has a sister can share endless stories of playing dress up or as my sister likes to call it, "pretty pretty princess". My sister has been a huge influence on my opinions about style and overall life. When we were younger she would dress me, do my hair and was the person that encouraged me to try out as many different makeup styles as I could. She was and is very much a second mother to me. Growing up in a country where we had to learn the language as well as the culture was hard and though times were lonely, I was happy to have my sister.She was always there to look out for me, protect me, humble me and love me for me. Its true that sisters are a part of our childhood that is shared and remembered by 2, kept alive and can never be lost. Good and bad, a sister teaches you to learn to deal with other personalities. Lord knows me and my sister have two very different types of personalities. I love her to death and at the same time I feel shes the best friend I cant get rid of.. =)
She now lives in the south and we dont get to see each other like we used to. Our fashion show hallway catwalks are now random texts and phone calls. So, today was extra special, we had so much fun talking, laughing and just being girls, like old times. Ill remember this day, and the glue still makes me laugh...




  1. Fredrik6:39 AM

    Quadrupel-like Sarajoon!
    You can actually pull off such a stunt and not only get away with it, but also making SO classy. I always thought rainbowish makeup looked so tacky but you just proved me dead wrong. And the hair is just..everywhere, thick curly brown sunkissed awesomeness.
    Sara you've completely outdone yourself here! The picture on FB is however much brighter, like that one more.
    I got completely knocked out of orbit from your blog-entry this morning. Would love to see you both all fixed up pwetty pwincessed up one day.

    Respetto from Sweden :)

  2. Gorgeous! you two are princesses of Persia...

  3. Thank you both for the comments. Yeah, I think we should get dolled up and take pictures together. Any kind of makeup works if you apply it correctly. Thank you again for the sweet comments, friends

  4. Ameneh1:21 PM

    I have read this about 5 times and every time I read it I cry!

  5. i love you sis, and somehow Im pegged the emotional one. lol

  6. This is beautiful! :)

  7. Anonymous4:51 PM