Yesterday I got to work on Nervo's new music video 'Youre Gonna Love Again'. Its no surprise that I like dance music with DJs that know how to rock it with full of energy and funk. Liv and Mim are twin Australian songwriters/DJs that have worked with some of the industries top artists (Kylie Minogue, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Afroman, etc). Their sweet personalities and amazing taste for music gives it away why they have succeeded in the music world. They arent the generic cookie cutter female "bikini top" DJs. They have substance and the "it" factor. Check out their site  for all their updates and whereabouts. Glad to learn they are the new faces of a very popular makeup brand. Look out for them, online, on television, and in magazines.

Sweet Lillian (a makeup/hair stylist friend of mine) and I headed over to the girls' hotel room early to get them ready and pumped for the LONG day ahead. Aside from their status in the club music world, these girls were like old friends just catching up with us as we dolled them up and played dress up. I really love my job, physically being part of music and style is inspiring to so many other people too aside from myself. =) Music makes a place in all our hearts, takes us back, moves us forward, makes us dream and helps make everything more enjoyable.

This is a great song, check it out 


I was Hair, Lillian was makeup. but we both tag teamed, like before in other shoots. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to the end result. So thankful Lillian called me on board for this, thank you mama! xoxo

totally picked up Mim's vibe, she is an AWESOME chick.

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